Emotional Therapies

Most of the dysfunctions that we have in our body are nothing more than the reflection of the uncontrolled emotions. We believe that by treating the body and the environment, we are able to heal our emotions. Through the vibration of colors, flowers, fragrances and essential oils, we can find a balance between physical and emotional.

Vibrational Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can be defined as the science of using aromatic essences, naturally extracted from plants, to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. The term "aromatherapie" was coined by French perfumer and chemist Renê Maurice Gattefosse in 1937. In his book "Aromatherapy of Gattefosse" the author associates the use of essential oils to the treatment of diverse physiological diseases, making a distinction between the application of these oils in medicine and perfumery. The progression of the practice of aromatherapy over the years has taken this therapy to a more holistic point of view, associating the treatment of the body with that of the mind and spirit or the energy field of the individual. It can take a preventive approach or even act as an active method, used during acute and chronic stages of illness or discomfort.
Aromatherapy is a natural, noninvasive approach designed to work the individual as a whole, not just the symptom or disease, but to aid the body's natural ability to balance, regulate, heal, and stay healthy.
The vibrational aromatherapy, developed by the aromatherapist Sandrah Spiri, is based on the use of essential vibrational oils,. This is a more advanced way of using the benefits of essential oils at a stage that can be seen as enhancing their therapeutic properties using plant energy.


The origin of the name of the word chromotherapy comes from the Greek "khrôma" which means "color". This therapy uses colors to restore the individual's physical, emotional and spiritual balance.
It is possible to believe that chromotherapy, for the benefit of humans, was already used in Ancient Egypt where colors would be associated with solar rays. In the eighteenth century the scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe became involved in exhaustive research associating colors with certain effects for human health and psyche.
Currently, chromotherapy relates the seven colors of the solar spectrum to the seven chakras, which are considered the energy fields of the individual, try to influence the body and mind. This therapy can also be linked to Feng Shui, crystal energy, astrology and other holistic practices.

Floral Therapy

Floral Therapy is a treatment made through the vibrations obtained from flowers, which have the property of acting directly in the emotional field.
Flower essences act in the vital fields, in the etheric, emotional, mental body and in the connection with our spiritual Self. These essences are catalysts for the process of personal evolution, and lead us to identify and transform negative or destructive emotions and tendencies. This allows us to access new internal possibilities, which generate health and well-being, helping to open new paths.
With the help of the subtle vibrations of flowers, messengers of the vital forces of nature, we balance and harmonize our vibrational field and our physical space. These vibrations bring us benefits such as vitality, trust, harmony, peace, and emotional balance.

Phyto Elements Brasil and Quantum Therapy

The concept of quantum physics can be understood as "the physics of possibilities". Renowned scientists have elucidated studies related to quantum mechanics, using a more functional and experimental point of view, initiating a scientific revolution.

This branch of physics studies the behavior of particles, protons, neutrons, electrons, and photons, and the kind of reaction their interactions can make. Thus, quantum physics can bring much information about the aspects of change and inconstancy of the material world in which we live.

The proposition of quantum therapy is that our thoughts are powerful energy channellers and can influence our vibrational field and the transformations and creations we impose on matter. That is, by changing our thoughts, we can change our lives. If we follow this concept it is possible to establish an awareness of our potential and of the individual and collective transformations that we can exert in the world.

Because we believe in this concept, that thought is a real and definite force, and that if we become accustomed to our mental bodies with certain kinds of vibrations by the force of habit, they will learn to reproduce them easily; is that we propose that in the use of the products a meditation is made through the visualization of the rays that represent the auric energy, that is the color of the soul of the oils.
These rays are represented in the packaging images of each product.
The tuning with the colored ray of each product resonates with the frequency of the oils and incorporates this new frequency into the auric field of the observer (the person making use)Close your eyes, breathe deeplyVisualize the light and let yourself be enveloped by it.
Calm down, harmonize. Listen to your heart.
With the eyes of the soul, visualize the inner lightwhich mixes with the vibrational frequenciesof Mother Nature, bringing her the benefitsof a harmonious and happy life.