Raw material

We use tracked natural raw materials, free from toxins and chemical components harmful to health. The elements applied in our formulations are strongly tied to the concepts of phytotherapy. In doing so, we try to take advantage of the plants with healing effects for elaboration of products that may favor health and bring well-being.


Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, gastric mucosa protector.


Antioxidant, helps to stimulate cell renewal and improves circulation of skin. In the emotional scope, it decreases stress and increases energy and also it is used to soften the symptoms of depression.

1 alecrim.jpg

Aloe Vera

Rich in vitamins B, C and E. It has emolient, healing, refreshing, anti-inflammatory, smoothening, refreshing, moisturizing, protecting and tissue restoring action.

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Insect repellent, antiseptic, healing and anti-inflammatory. It promotes "softness and a much more satin skin". Massotherapy still makes extensive use of andiroba, since its anti-inflammatory and healing functions end up being excellent for muscle relaxation.

3 andiroba.jpg


Anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, calming agent. In the emotional realm, it is known to help eliminate very negative energies of body and soul.


The oil of Babassu is extracted from an important Brazilian palm tree. It has in its composition great amount of fatty acid, lauric acid, excellent for moisturizing and nourishing the skin.



Fragrance, source of vitamin B, antioxidant property.



It is a carotenide, responsible for coloring. Important antioxidant, essential for the proper functioning of our organism.

Breu Branco

The resin contains analgesic, anti-inflammatory and gastric protector properties.

breu branco.jpg


Rich in beta-carotene being one of the most powerful antioxidants, known for its great capacity for cell renewal. In anti-aging (rejuvenating) formulations, it increases skin elasticity.


It has high levels of fat, thus being an excellent moisturizer for the skin.



Emollient, decongestant, refreshing, soothing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, healing, antiseptic, normalizing and purifying agent of the skin.

14 Camomila.jpg


Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, stimulant. In the emotional sphere, it helps in detachment.


Lemon Grass

It helps relieve muscle spasms by reducing all pain related symptoms. The antiseptic and astringent properties of the plant are useful for people with oily hair and skin. In the emotional sphere, it promotes balance in personal and professional relationships.

Brasilian Nut

Anti-free radical properties, antioxidants and moisturizers in anti-aging formulations preventing skin aging and is considered one of the best conditioners for damaged and dehydrated hair.

Field Horsetail

It is rich in organic silicon (natural anti-aging agent). It has anti-inflammatory, healing, astringent, remineralizing, tonic, revitalizing properties.


In cosmetics, its function is the repellent property against insects.


It strengthens the immune system, improves thyroid function, reduces fatigue level. It has powerful moisturizing action.



Known as miracle tree or antibiotic of the forest. It produces a powerful balm, which is extracted from the interior of the trunk of the tree, by Amazonian communities. This oil extraction is done without destroying the tree. The medicinal function of copaiba is unquestionable as an antiseptic, healing, anti-inflammatory for skin and scalp disorders.


Antiseptic, healing, antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. In the emotional sphere, it can stimulate creativity and strengthen memory.

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Bamboo Crystals

Natural exfoliating agent. It helps in cleansing and in cell renewal.

Quartz Crystals

Natural exfoliating agent. It helps in cleansing and in cell renewal.


It has a high water absorption capacity, approximately 240% higher than that of Lanolin, acting as its vegetable substitute. It contains phytosterols that act at the cellular level regulating the fluid balance and lipid activity of the superficial layer of the skin.

Red fruits

Antioxidant and rich in vitamin E.


Antifungal, anti-inflammatory, can aid in the treatment of sagging skin. Known to be a typically female oil, it attenuates the unpleasant effects of Premenstrual Tension.


It is rich in vitamin E, and has strong antioxidant power combating free radicals. It helps skin regeneration processes. It nourishes hair. In massage, it heats and energizes the body.


Astringent and deodorant action for oily skins.

8 hamamélis.jpg


Rich in vitamins A, B and C, amino acids, antioxidants and fatty acids. In the emotional realm, it brings courage to make decisions.


Antifungal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, sedative and healing action. In the emotional sphere, it helps in the fight against stress and anxiety. It neutralizes negative emotions

lavender-1117275_1920 (1).jpg


Rich in omega 3 and 6, vitamin E. Excellent healing power and promotes hydration of the skin.


It helps in cell renewal, helps in the treatment of acne. In the emotional sphere, it favors the union between the couples.


Highly nutritious. It protects the body against various bacterial attacks.

9 Manjericão.jpg

Passion Fruit

It is rich in linoleic acid, which acts to aid the restoration of the lipid layer of the skin, conferring emollience and hydration, increasing the skin's silkiness. In the emotional realm, it helps to calm down, bringing good memories.


Excellent digestive action, improves circulation and respiratory system, besides being a good anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It brings a sense of freshness.


It contains antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal properties. It can be used to treat minor skin irritations. In the emotional sphere, it helps to promote peace in the hearts.


Antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory.


It has abstinent properties, which aid in the treatment of numerous oral treatments such as wounds, mouth infections and bad breath. In the emotional realm, it helps to cultivate devotion.


A powerful ally to prevent infections in general, it works as a natural antiseptic, aiding in the fight against bacteria in wounds. It can be useful for healing and slowing the aging of the skin. Powerful moisturizer as it helps prevent water from evaporating through the skin. Considered typically female oil.

Palo Santo

It stimulates the immune system and fight inflammation. In the emotional realm, it helps to dispel the negative energies of the environment.


Pro vitamin B5. Provides lasting hydration, shine and suppleness in the hair, reducing double ends.


It can provide some improvement in dermatological problems like: acne, cracked skin, dermatitis and eczema. It helps in firmness of the skin, by its ability to contract and agglutinate the tissues. In the emotional realm, it is known to be the "Oil of Courage", as it helps those who have difficulty saying no when necessary.


It has febrifuge and astringent, antihelminthic and antirheumatic properties. Rich in nutrients such as phenols, carotenoids and vitamin C. In the emotional sphere, it stimulates personal appreciation, increasing self-esteem and creativity.


The texture of the skin becomes velvety and soft thanks to the substances contained in the oil, which act as a silicone film, avoiding the loss of water and collaborating with the regeneration of it and the hair due to its excellent humectant properties.

10 pracaxi.jpg


Rich in gallic and ellagic acids, substances that may aid in reducing blood pressure. It has antimicrobial action.


Rich in vitamins A and E. It promotes the skin elasticity and moisturization. Cell renewal. In the emotional realm, it has power to calm down afflicted hearts.

12 rosa-mosqueta.jpg


Rose petals are an excellent source of ascorbic acid. Known for its antidepressant, antiseptic, spasmodic and anti viral properties. In addition, the essential oil is astringent, bactericide, soothing agent. In the emotional realm, it calms down afflicted hearts and attracts love.



Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant. In the emotional scope, it boosts the spirit and fights stress.


Dermopurifying, toning, cellular stimulating, antiseptic, astringent, emollient, anti-seborrheic, anti-sweat action. In the emotional sphere, promotes purification and increases confidence.

Sodium PCA

Natural moisturization factor derived from amino acids.


It delays aging, antioxidant.

Tea Tree

It acts on abscesses, insect bites, athlete's foot, mycoses, dermatitis, canker sore, 'thrush', lice, boils, scabies, sore throats, and acne. In the emotional sphere, it acts as an invigorating agent, especially after some traumatic episode.


Rich in beta-carotenes the oil is healing and anti-inflammatory, emollient and topical soothing agent. It promotes rapid and complete skin absorption. Insect repellent. It contains calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, B2 and C.

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Vitamin E

Proven action in the fight against free radicals that are responsible for cell degeneration, it does well for any tissue, revitalizing the organism and preventing aging.